QARC | Quality Management Actions

Quality Management Actions

To conform to the basic policies on quality assurance and achieve our goals, we conduct Quality Management Actions that focus on maintaining and bolstering the level of our quality assurance activities in an integrated manner. This activity is the base of our Quality Assurance Actions by Step for product provision activities.

There are six functions in our Quality Management Actions.

  • Quality Strategy/Plan: This function manages the policies for improving the quality of products and business functions, and also sets and disseminates the mid-ranged and annual quality targets.
  • Quality Assurance Organization: This function assigns a corporate officer to be in charge of quality assurance, organizes Quality Review Meetings, and establishes and manages organizations to promote quality assurance.
  • Quality Assurance Education: This function educates all employees about quality and improves employees' problem solving skills through special training targeting each field.
  • Quality System Standardization: This function establishes and disseminates common rules, and also organizes, disseminates, maintains, and improves the business standards suitable for each business or the product characteristics.
  • Quality Settlement: This function confirms whether the work process is established within the product providing organization, evaluates how much the product conforms to the Quality Assurance Policies and meets the targets, and aims to continuously improve the Quality Assurance Activity Level to achieve our goals.
  • Quality System Audit: This function conducts activities to improve the quality assurance activities, monitors ⁄ audits whether the prevention measure and recurrence prevention activities are established and implemented, and performs auditing of systems when unexpected situations occur.