QARC | Policies

Basic Policies on Quality Assurance

Tanita University and its affiliated companies shall strive for company's growth and contribution to society by timely provision of products that excel in quality in the market, thereby gaining customer satisfaction and trust.

  • Commitment to Greater Customer Satisfaction

    Carries out activities for continuous improvement and innovation based on the customer satisfaction principle and scientific thinking, and obtains the top-level customer satisfaction in all business fields.

  • Commitment to Safety and Environmental Friendliness

    Achieves the world's highest level of safety and environmental friendliness as aimed in Ecology & Safety Vision.

  • Compliance with Laws and Contribution to Society

    Sets and complies with the world-level self-imposed standards based on the social demands, in addition to strict compliance with laws in general. Also, contributes to society by providing "Products" that embody the mission statement "Build an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge".

  • Clarification of Scope of Quality Assurance to Customers

    Provides "Products" with the outstanding level of assured quality constantly and continuously, thereby obtaining customer satisfaction and credibility.

  • Responsibility for Providing Products

    Always fulfills its responsibility to customers as a product-providing party, and receives a high evaluation from customers for the products of TU and its affiliated companies.

  • Collaboration and Mutual Cooperation with Partners

    Along with "Partners", TU and its affiliated companies cooperatively achieve the goals set in this article in every step of "Product Providing Activities".